Welcome to Hookset Travels, my name is Martin. I’ve decided to create a blog with the intention to connect to those out there that are in the same position as I am. What position is that you say? Well, let me tell you. I am very new to the whole outdoors scene. I intend to write about my experiences as I go along. I just recently started to get into fishing.   I grew up in San Diego California, and I always loved going to the fishing pier when I was younger. As I grew older, and my interests changed, I stopped fishing. It was not after I moved to Texas that I am now feeling passionate of picking up where I left off. Texas is a place where people are very into the whole outdoors thing. So as the saying goes: “When in Rome…”

I plan to bring my family along. In this technology age, I hardly see any parents now taking the time to take their kids to explore their surroundings. That’s one of the things I plan to build on with this blog. I want to inspire parents and show them how fun it can be, that even if you don’t know anything about, camping, hiking, fishing, etc. That it is never too late to learn and go out there and have an adventure.

So join me and my family as I log my travels. Again I am very new to all this, so let’s learn together. For all those that are more experienced, your tips are truly appreciated and I welcome any feedback.

Imperial Beach
Imperial Beach Pier, San Diego California